Jerhett Lee Qualifies For NCAA III National Championships

Jerhett Lee qualified to compete in the NCAA III National Championships March 8-9.

NCAA III Lower Midwest Regional
Sunday, February 24, 2019
Dubuque, Iowa - Loras College

Jerhett Lee (285) led the Eagles at the NCAA III Lower Midwest Regional to a ninth-place finish and qualified to compete in the NCAA III National Championships March 8-9 in Roanoke, Virginia. Lee, who placed third as a heavy weight, punched his ticket to the National Championships with a Fall (4:21) over Audel Ochoa from North Central. The Eagles also had two other place winners. Nathan Rankin (125) and Jaylen York (141) finished fifth and sixth, respectively. It is the second year in a row an Eagle has qualified to nationals. Rankin advanced last season, a first for the program.

Team Scores
1. Wartburg (169.5)
2. Loras (151.5)
3. Central (IA) (119.5)
4. North Central (IL) (114.5)
5. Coe (104.5)
6. Millikin (93.0)
7. Luther (84.0)
8. Westminster (MO) (64.0)
9. Ozarks (60.0)
10. Dubuque (54.5)
11. Buena Vista (51.5)
12. Cornell College (35.0)
13. Augustana (31.0)
14. Neb. Wesleyan (28.5)
15. Simpson (10.5)
16. Macmurray (7.5)
17. Huntingdon (6.0)

Guaranteed Places 
1st Place - Cameron Timok of Central (IA)
2nd Place - Eron Haynes of Neb. Wesleyan 
3rd Place - Brady Kyner of Wartburg
4th Place - Brady Wilsie of Coe
5th Place - Nathaneal Rankin of Ozarks 
6th Place - Connor Murphy of Luther
7th Place - Ian Mullen of North Central (IL)
8th Place - Jacob Hiles of Loras 
1st Place Match 
Cameron Timok (Central (IA)) 23-3, Sr. over Eron Haynes (Neb. Wesleyan) 3-1, RS Fr. (Dec 6-5) 
3rd Place Match 
Brady Kyner (Wartburg) 24-6, So. over Brady Wilsie (Coe) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 3-0) 
5th Place Match 
Nathaneal Rankin (Ozarks) 24-5, So. over Connor Murphy (Luther) 17-13, Sr. (Dec 12-7) 
7th Place Match 
Ian Mullen (North Central (IL)) 3-2, Jr. over Jacob Hiles (Loras) 13-8, So. (For.) 

Guaranteed Places 
1st Place - Clint Lembeck of Loras 2nd Place - Chris Williams of Millikin 
3rd Place - Brady Fritz of Wartburg
4th Place - Dan Radcliffe of Central (IA)
5th Place - Marc Fleenor of North Central (IL)
6th Place - Jaylen York of Ozarks 
7th Place - Travis Pulse of Augustana (IL)
8th Place - Collin Stilson of Buena Vista 
1st Place Match 
Clint Lembeck (Loras) 9-4, Jr. over Chris Williams (Millikin) 13-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2) 
3rd Place Match 
Brady Fritz (Wartburg) 22-10, Fr. over Dan Radcliffe (Central (IA)) 26-7, Jr. (Fall 3:39) 
5th Place Match 
Marc Fleenor (North Central (IL)) 4-2, Jr. over Jaylen York (Ozarks) 16-9, So. (Dec 8-3) 
7th Place Match 
Travis Pulse (Augustana (IL)) 3-2, Sr. over Collin Stilson (Buena Vista) 2-3, Jr. (Dec 7-3) 

Guaranteed Places 
1st Place - Adarios Jones of Augustana (IL)
2nd Place - Bowen Wileman of Wartburg 
3rd Place - Jerhett Lee of Ozarks 
4th Place - Audel Ochoa of North Central (IL)
5th Place - Kaleb Reeves of Coe
6th Place - Quin Gilliam of Loras
7th Place - Frank Tomaskovic of Millikin
8th Place - Justin Hennessy of Neb. Wesleyan 
1st Place Match 
Adarios Jones (Augustana (IL)) 4-0, Jr. over Bowen Wileman (Wartburg) 23-7, Sr. (Dec 5-2) 
3rd Place Match 
Jerhett Lee (Ozarks) 34-4, Jr. over Audel Ochoa (North Central (IL)) 4-2, So. (Fall 4:21) 
5th Place Match 
Kaleb Reeves (Coe) 3-2, Fr. over Quin Gilliam (Loras) 8-4, Sr. (M. For.) 
7th Place Match 
Frank Tomaskovic (Millikin) 16-9, Jr. over Justin Hennessy (Neb. Wesleyan) 2-3, Jr. (Fall 0:37) 

Jerhett Lee will compete at the NCAA III National Championships March 8-9 in Roanoke, Virginia.