Men’s Wrestling Team Competes In Dubuque

Men’s Wrestling Team Competes In Dubuque

Dubuque, Iowa-The University of the Ozarks Wrestling Team traveled to the University of Dubuque for the Jim Fox Duels Saturday.

The Eagles put in a great effort against a strong Dubuque squad where they battled the Spartans but fell short 38-12. Notable wrestlers were DJ Jackson at 125 pounds and Sergio Nugent at 133 pounds, who had victories over their opponents.

In the Eagles next dual against Wheaton College they were just a bit out matched. Wheaton took the dual 47-6, despite the best efforts of our strong Eagles side.

There were also exhibition matches that took place outside the duals, where several Eagles wrestlers took home wins.  At 141 pounds- Jonathon Gonzalez, at 133 pounds - Siaygnoun Nhamnhouane, at 165 pounds- Jacob Sherrill, and at 197 pounds- Adolfo Sotolongo all won their exhibition matches.

Up next the Eagles will compete on January 7th at the Central College Under Armour Invitational.

2016 Univ. of Dubuque Jim Fox Duals
Univ. of Dubuque vs Univ. of the Ozarks   UD wins 38-12
125- DJ Jackson (Ozarks) over Javier Guillen (Dubuque) (Fall 4:27) 0-6
133- Sergio Nugent (Ozarks) over Shawn Cantos (Dubuque) (Fall 4:06) 0-12
141- Jeremey Melendez (Dubuque) over Mario Vasquez (Ozarks) (Fall 2:03) 6-12
149- Blake Howerton (Dubuque) over Ny'Trell Dean (Ozarks) (Dec 5-2) 9-12
157- Mark Griffin (Dubuque) over Nicholas McDaniel (Ozarks) (Fall 1:24) 15-12
165- Pat Mooney (Dubuque) over Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) (Fall 4:21) 21-12
174- Roosevelt Smith (Dubuque) over Jesus Perez (Ozarks) (TF 16-0 4:11) 26-12
184- Ethan Cain (Dubuque) over Joey Schenck (Ozarks) (Dec 6-3) 29-12
197- Dominic Sterr (Dubuque) over Montre Blade (Ozarks) (Fall 1:58) 35-12
285- Jordan Hill (Dubuque) over Jameer Anderson (Ozarks) (Dec 1-0) 38-12

Wheaton vs Ozarks    Wheaton wins 47-6
125- Carlos Fuentez (Wheaton) over DJ Jackson (Ozarks) (TF 22-5) 5-0
133- Josiah Fitzjerrels (Wheaton) over Sergio Nugent (Ozarks) (Dec 4-2) 8-0
141- Mario Vasquez (Ozarks) wins by forfeit (8-6)
149- Zachary Harrell (Wheaton) over Ny'Trell Dean (Ozarks) (MD 10-1) 12-6
157- Frank Aiello (Wheaton) over Nicholas McDaniel (Ozarks) (Fall 2:25) 18-6
165- Stephen Aiello (Wheaton) over Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) (TF 4:00 16-0) 23-6
174- Tim Blickle (Wheaton) over Jesus Perez (Ozarks) (Fall 1:35) 29-6
184- Jared Fekete (Wheaton) won by forfeit (35-6)
197- Michael Swider (Wheaton) over Montre Blade (Ozarks) (Fall 2:47) 41-6
285- Max Gierke (Wheaton) over Jameer Anderson (Ozarks) (Fall :52) 47-6

Dubuque vs Wheaton    Wheaton wins 38-9
125- Carlos Fuentez (Wheaton) over Javier Guillen (Dubuque) (Fall 1:27) 0-6
133- Josiah Fitzjerrels (Wheaton) over Nile Laguna (Dubuque) (Fall 2:03) 0-12
141- Jeremey Melendez (Dubuque) wins by forfeit. 6-12
149- Zachary Harrel (Wheaton) over Blake Howerton (Dubuque) (Dec 4-2) 6-15
157- Frank Aiello (Wheaton) over Mark Griffin (Dubuque) (Fall 6:01) 6-21
165- Pat Mooney (Dubuque) over Stephen Aiello (Wheaton) (Dec 5-4) 9-21
174- Tim Blickle (Wheaton) over Roosevelt Smith (Dubuque) (MD 10-2) 9-25
184- Jared Fekete (Wheaton) over Ethan Cain (Dubuque) (MD 17-9) 9-29
197- Michael Swider (Wheaton) won by forfeit 9-35
285- Max Gierke (Wheaton) over Daniel Cesilles (Dubuque) (Dec 3-1) 9-38

141- Jonathon Gonzalez (Ozarks) over Nile Laguna (Dubuque) (Dec 10-6)
174- Derek Horine (Dubuque) over Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) (Fall 4:08)
174- Teddy Caporrino (Dubuque) over Owen Feenstra (Wheaton) (Dec 16-13)
184- Logan Walkup (Wheaton) over Damian Ullrich (Dubuque) (TF 4:33 20-5)
157- Owen Feenstra (Wheaton) over Collin Heidemann (Dubuque) (Dec 13-7)
174- Riley Cornwell (Dubuque) Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) (Fall 1:24)
133- Si N (Ozarks) over Armad Willis (Dubuque) (Fall 7:38 OT)
174- Jacob Thornburg (Wheaton) over Colin Heidemann (Dubuque) (Fall 4:25)
165- Jacob Sherrill (Ozarks) over Derek Horine (Dubuque) by injury default
197- Adolfo Sotolongo (Ozarks) over Logan Walkup (Wheaton) (Fall 0:35)

By Mike Lambeck